Cleaning process


To properly clean the air ducts we connect an industrial hepa vacuum on the main lines right next to the unit, first for the supplies vents and then for the returns, while the vacuum creates a negative pressure through the entire air duct cleaning system, we run a 1 inch air hose connected to our mounted truck air compressor to clean from each individual vent, using air guns, rods, flex compressor air brushes and more to push all the dust, dirt, hair, pollen etc directly to the Hepa Vacuum Machine,  dated pictures to show on site or by email/text the condition before and after of the air ducts are included. The entire process takes around 3 hours then after cleaning we sanitize the system and unit to prevent mold  and to leave your air ducts clean and with a fresh smell. During cleaning we use shoes covers, corners walls guards or tarps if needed or requested.  

Our commitment to the customer includes  NADCA Standards and EPA guidelines. .

How Often should be cleaned?


UsCleanDucts recommend cleaning the entire HVAC system every three to five years. 

Why should I choose UsCleanDucts to clean my air ducts system?

We have the experience, customer service and powerful equipment to do the job right. We have thousands of satisfied customers and are the most respected in the air duct cleaning business. When we finish cleaning your system, you will save money, stay healthier and enjoy a clean indoor environment. That’s the USCleanDucts Guaranty!

Do I need to wait all day or do you give times frames for my appointment?

We give you two-hour time frame to arrive at your home. If requested the technician can call or tex 30 minutes in advance. The whole process takes from 3 to4 hours. 

Health Benefits


Removing Allergy and Asthma Triggers

The EPA lists common household dust as one of the top 5 Allergy and Asthma triggers found in a home. In addition to dust, pet hair, insects and sometimes molds are also found in air ducts. It is the recommendation of the EPA and health professionals all over the country that you reduce your exposure to triggers that can set off an allergy or asthma attack. The air ducts in your home are the biggest source of household dust and is most likely the dirtiest part of your home. 

Dust in the Home

The dirt and dust that is present in the air ducts will continually circulate throughout the home settle on furniture, windows and fixtures. What doesn’t settle will just suck back into the air ducts and circulate through the system again. The only way to stop this constant circulation of the dust is to have it removed from the air ducts.

System Benefits


A dirty system will restrict air flow. Restricted air flow will cause uneven temperature distribution causing hot and cold areas in your home. A dirty system may never heat or cool your home to your satisfaction. A dirty system will work harder to to keep your home comfortable. This will cause premature failure of system components and will shorten the life of your system. Cleaning your system will restore the performance of your system and clean fresh indoor air.



Whats is NADCA

 The National Air Duct Cleaners Association was formed in 1989 to institute industry standards and credentialing programs for the HVAC industry. The need for industry standards was addressed in 1992 with the adoption of performance-based standards USCLEANDUCTS works to not only meet, but also exceed. Uscleanducts is one of the founding members and we continue to work tirelessly to aid in NADCA’s mission.



OSHA estimates that about 30% of all commercial buildings suffer from below-standard indoor air quality. The term "sick building syndrome" (SBS) is used to describe situations in which building occupants experience acute health and comfort effects that appear to be linked to time spent in a building, but no specific illness or cause can be identified. The complaints may be localized in a particular room or zone, or may be widespread throughout the building.